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April 12, 2004

a taxing woman

so in an effort to do everything that i needed and wanted to do this weekend, i taxed myself a great deal, and today of course i pay the price with a sore back, and legs, and butt, and an at times overwhelming desire to sleep a lot more.

but... it was worth it. i knew i was going to like tiling, and i did. everything from the icing-like consistency of the adhesive to the tidiness of the grid that emerged gradually over the weekend, was quite satisfying. i even got to use two of my freakish, innate abilities: my greater-than-it-should-be upper body strength, and my ability to eyeball correct distances and straight lines. when you're tiling a space in which none of the four bounding lines are straight, there come times when you have to do a little custom fitting and tweaking. it's difficult but i kind of like that part.

i also reached a milestone in the work on the allpods web site; the text blog portion has been merged into moveable type. i also gave sarah one tiny little suggestion which allowed her to finally solve the puzzle of plugging phone cam photos into MT in such a way that one gets a nice thumbnail and pop-up arragement; it looks like i'll now be able to steal her hard work and have all the phone and regular digital photos merged into a single MT feed, which is fantastic. sarah rocks! and i like harnessing the hard work of other people :) especially since our needs dovetail nicely.

having an MT photo feed is going to rock hard in two new ways: comments for each photo, and the ability to create category photo pages. that means i can have a page of all people, and a page of all cars; pages devoted to each day of the caravan, a page devoted to just retro bugs or other specific styles, etc. and that will be very cool. i see sarah has already started doing this on her photoblog.

i started to think about the booth at the conference center, too. i've realized that i probaby have some caravan and other physical artifacts which people might enjoy seeing/hearing. for instance, i have minidisc recordings of the radio chatter from the first year. i've got video that i never put up on my site. it would be great if i had time to prepare all of that for presentation (somehow) at the booth. i think i've got magazines and newspapers that covered us that i never put up on the site; i could encase those in plastic and let folks see 'em. turn it into a sort of "the history of r2k" booth.

lots to do, lots to think about.

Posted by lisa at April 12, 2004 03:57 PM | TrackBack


don't say I rock until we get all this crap working :)

Posted by: Sarah on April 12, 2004 09:24 PM

the historical stuff for the booth would be totally rad!! do you think that's something stephanie or dan could help with?

Posted by: christa on April 13, 2004 12:48 AM

hm, i don't see a way to enlist their help on those projects... the video and audio probably have to be brought into iMovie, and dan has said he hates doing that stuff, and steph doesn't have the equipment. that will be the really time-consuming part.

Posted by: lisa on April 13, 2004 09:21 AM

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