January 10, 2004
camper desire

i really want a vw camper van. i love the utter utility of them; they're like gigantic, breadbox-like swiss army knives.

but to say that the many versions of this vehicle are confusing would be a mild understatement. vw fans have a tendency to assume that you know as much as they do about the subject, and even though dreadlocks boy gave me "bus 101" once upon a time-- which included a foray into the vanagons-- i can't say that i'm much the wiser. for some reason, i find it totally confusing that there could be either an aircooled or a watercooled engine in what is roughly the same body style (the early vanagons).

so i was delighted to find this page, which pretty much explains it all.

sigh. i'm working myself up to the idea that i'm going to have to have a second daily driver sometime fairly soon. i don't know that one of these things would really be suitable though.

i should just buy an inexpensive used honda. but i'm kind of addicted to the vw thing now.

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